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We live in a world that tells us we must choose an identity, a career, a relationship, and commit, to these situations..as if we know what's gonna happen tomorrow, as if we aren't ever gonna change, as if we don't live in a world of constant flux, which we do.

Don't freak out cuz the jigsaw is laying on the floor and it's not all the way done and has been laying there for 4 whole hours now, resist the freak out. You will get to it..it's all part of the process.

To force some forever identity on other people is stupid. Point out inconsistencies in their behavior, explain how they are not 'truly what they say' because you saw them 'do this' one time...why? Because it's easier to deal with cardboard cutouts than real people, cuz a lot of us pretend like we're the center of the fuckin universe sometimes and everyone is just background extras in the movie we imagine we star in. WELL WHILE WE ARE ARGUING ABOUT WHOSE GONNA GET TO OPEN FOR THE MELVINS, WHOSE GONNA WEAR WHAT TO THE PARTY, WHO IS LAME/TAME BECAUSE THEY PERPETUATE THIS THING WE HATE, WHO IS NOT REALLY A PUNK ROCKER CUZ "I remember when he/she used to listen to Blink 182", THE REVOLUTION IS GOING DOWN...no it's not happening without us, it is just plain not happening at all...it is going down under the gurgling sounds of our own voices, reproducing the voices of our parents in a slightly altered way, the tv people trying to dictate to each other what is and what isn't cool... or revolutionary or true resistance, what is or isn't true in other peoples' lives we sit around making all these boxes and labels, nothing to put in them, we are wasting valuable time, FUCK THAT SHIT, LET'S START TALKING FOR REAL - Jigsaw Youth - Kathleen Hanna

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