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Saturday, February 5th, 2005

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Subject:Drop,Drop it like it's hot!
Time:12:50 pm.
It's been pure fucking madness these past couple of months and I wouldn't want it any other way.

But in the latest news, whatever schism that existed in the past [you know what i'm talking about] it's over with. It's played out and getting repetitive, and to tell you the truth i never really gave a shit anyway. So it's a clean slate for both parties and personally i'm glad, you know...just cause. WHy have animosity for no good reason? So, we kissed and made up [not literally] but u get the idea people!!!!

college grrrl....me writing, making music, yada yada yada.

u may think what u want, but i still think yr all super great!!! [does a high kick and snaps leg out of socket]

ooooh and dennis emailed me. I don't know how many of u remember that queer but he says hi..


Tuesday, December 28th, 2004

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Subject:The twilight zone[!!!]
Time:8:33 am.
aye bitches....i hope everyone had a good holiday and got just what they wanted...i was hoping for a gun with one bullet in it but i didn't get so lucky [sigh] there's always next year i suppose...i'm at sam's house and it's super fuckin cold. David is being lame! he won't get out of the nice soft chair so i'm stuck on this hard ass wooden chair. Bleh i'm bored. And bRAD call me before wednesday so we can hang out before u have to go....umm yeah that's prrrty much it.

Sunday, September 26th, 2004

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Time:2:57 pm.
Mood: awake.
hey...i'm bored. mackel is weird...i'm weird...

we're all weird

Thursday, September 9th, 2004

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Subject:Sweeter than Sugar, Cuter than pie..
Time:11:01 am.
Mood: annoyed.
I can't explain this right now. These feelings. I hate them. I hate all of u. There's some black girl who keeps talking to me and looking at me while i type...damn it...but anywho..

It's been rather eventful these past few days. Last night was awesome cause we all went shoplifting together at Albertsons. I got the burh, and other kidds got whatever else was laying around. Some other shit happened but i don't feel like recalling the day's events so you'll have to catch me on a good day. I brought presents for everyone today. I was suppose to go to keilea's and drop off some shit cause everyone said they were gonna be there, but they weren't! suprise, suprise... ahhh i hate this skool. Ms.Melendez better hurry the fuck up so i can pick up my shit and leave this hellhole...

erica makes me giddy...[giggles like a school girl]

Wednesday, September 1st, 2004

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Subject:Talk is cheap
Time:1:40 pm.
Mood: motivated.
Hey cunts, before skool starts i suggest we all go guerilla bombing. I can get all the supplies i just need kidds to go with us.A lot of you kidds talk and talk about how yr anti this and so radical that,but i've never actually seen you guys do anything but sit around and rant. I'm guilty of it too but at least i try and write articles or express my voice to other ppl in the community. Sooo...why not you guys? It's time to see if yr all talk. I'm fuckin down and i'm not gonna let the revolution die in the replicated voices of the t.v. generation...get off yr asses and resist...


Tuesday, August 31st, 2004

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Subject:I'll grind yr bones to make my bread!
Time:2:09 pm.
Mood: morbid.
Raaaaaah!!!! today has been a HORRIBLE day! so many bad bad things, and to top it off it's fuckin hott. I saw the boy formally known as cowboy mike last night with mackel. It was interesting. Mike looked really nice in the pale moonlight. I saw syd and josh and they seemed a little busy so we departed. My mom started bitching all last night, and all this morning.I doubt it will end anytime soon. Yesterday mackel did my hair like his and it was soo funny. It doesn't take as long as my hair styles and it's cool having big hair once and awhile. I might actually take it into consideration...besides hair drama,and family nonsense I suppose things are ok. I want to give love and receive it mutually. I don't know if i could handle it but it'd be fun to try...grrr.It's going to be so hard to find someone who gets me.. My ideal date would be taking a walk on a stormy day and enjoy the lack of sun. Then i'd want to go to a cemetary at night time and have a picnic and perhaps get drunk together under a full moon. Err that sounds all boring, but it's too hard to describe feelings and emotions over the cyber world...today is just one of those days i suppose. I'm gonna curl up and have a depressing riot grrrl fest with myself...who needs friends anyway?

who wants to watch tim burton and harmony korine movies with me???


yeah that's what i thought...

Monday, August 30th, 2004

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Subject:I am doll parts...
Time:12:57 pm.
Mood: awake.
These past few weeks have been oh so eventful. The lovely erica threw a few parties since her parents were away and believe me we partied our asses off. Good times indeed. I got to meet jennilee and she is tres cute. She kept calling me Alice and I was all kinds of flattered. Me and mackel went on a garage sale spree and got the cutest shit. He bought me a ninja turtles sleepbag and a black and white corset top which i'm rocking right now. The same day we made some clothes,and saw white washed alex. We chatted for a while but it got repetitive so we eeked our way out of that situation and drove off to Hillcrest at 10 at night. We walked around and looked at all the hott gay ppl. LOL there were sooo many fuckin hookers, they didn't have shit on mackel tho.haha good times. So here i am back on this unstoppable juggernaut they call the internet! Katy and nate are trying to do tae-bo and it's rather pitiful. It looks like cripples who fell out their wheel chairs trying to get off the ground.I hear all these popping sounds from their brittle bones snapping.Hahah fuck those bitches. I'm not gonna break my spine doin that shit.

someone give me love...lots of it.

ooh the punching part started on tae-bo it's time to get violent!

Monday, August 2nd, 2004

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Subject:Gay Pride...
Time:1:37 pm.
Mood: calm.
i attended gay pride and it was fuckin awesome. Soo many cute little gay boys and grrrls dancing about. The Bear club was prrrty interesting as well. Me and katy kept taking pictures of this hott ass grrrl and a shit load of drag queens. We saw Riot A Go Go play and we chatted with them after their show and turns out they're a SF band and when they get a chance to tour here they're gonna call us up. We saw August and she was beautiful as usual. I've been hanging out with Lindsey a lot but her fuckin family is loaded and it's weird hanging out with kidds that can actually afford to get out and do things that i've always wanted to do. I'm gonna get a job in august and then start saving to get a 1 br. I got accepted to the San Franscico school of mortuary science but that place is fuckin expensive!!! so probably just take mortuary science here in san diego. When i start going to City college we're all gonna start another zine. Krisis zine and a riot grrrl zine. There's a shit load of protests and rallies coming up so anyone who wants to go, just write a comment or something. Then again you guys are soo fuckin lazy...

Friday, July 2nd, 2004

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Subject:Goodbye mom...
Time:7:56 pm.
Mood: crushed.
Party at my house on Saturday at 6pm till wednesday!!! my mom's out of town for about 5 days so we're gonna party it up... Summer is going good, i wish my cousin would start taking responsibilites for his actions and stop finding fuckin excuses. Whenever he needs something or needs someone i'm always fuckin here...i wish he would do the same. Too bad my real family is shit..

oh well at least i have MDMA...

peace,love and apathy


Monday, June 21st, 2004

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Time:2:47 pm.
Mood: awake.
Finally skool is fucking over.I think this Summer is gonna be really interesting. My mom is having an affair with some other dude and personally i say it's about fuckin time. Fuckin bat boy angel needs to get the fuck out of my house anyway...but besides the infidelity,Saturday was erica's graduation party and it was a super cool way to start off the Summer.Crazy she-man melissa, me and lyndon did a little shopping and by shopping i mean lyndon stole a big ass bottle of jack daniels and melissa was the get away driver. It was insane...Then having queen bean take us all over the residential area at 50mph and with 4 wasted kidds on the flatbed was a disaster...Good times tho. Got to hang out with August.Me and her made plans for the Summer...i notice how no one in MDMA really has drama, it's usually other ppl that suck is into it but we resist prrrty well. Erica went to Europe and that sucks..but when she comes back, me, erica and katy are gonna start a riot grrrl band. Hahaha katy likes the name "No Cox" but i'm still debating it...hope u bitches have a good Summer...sadly i'll be hanging out with most of you losers

[sighs and drains a bottle]

oh p.s My mom is leaving me the house for 4 fuckin days while she goes to Chicago with Angel...So naturally a Keg will occur at my house...i'll keep u posted.

Friday, June 11th, 2004

(Raise Your Fist)

Subject:We were somewhere in I.B around the corner from saltine's house when the drugs began to take hold...
Time:1:47 pm.
Our days have been fucking awesome...we've been hanging out a lot with Perry..he's fucking CRAZY[!!!] i remember one time someone told me that they thought perry was weird and shit but i was like "nah not perry, he's just some stoner kid" and i was wrong..horribly wrong. Don't ever fuck with perry, he's complety insane, but really fucking awesome. He's been smoking us out a lot out of the goodness of his heart and we were in the laundry room. He jumped thru the window and landed on the washing machine! it's a fuckin jump to get over that ledge...it was like he was some kind of tweaker...but regardless it was a feat. Then we got stoned and found this big ass box that could be used for a coffin. We break it and he climbs inside and since he can't see cause the box is completey over his body except his legs, he's running into things and walls. It was the funniest shit we've ever seen... we went and got our newest companion Goober...that's not his real name but it might as well be. So we get Goober and we see johnny and amanda driving, so we make Goober run to get him about 3 blocks down. Then we hang out with johnny and amanda and drive to Michael's. Then we decide to drive to Plaza Bonita...but we have no money..so we decide to see what we could take. It is rather lame but hey? why not?...so we steal, go to the corner store and go home...couldn't ask for a better night...

except another hotel party on kellen's expense

Monday, June 7th, 2004

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Subject:Superman Monte to the rescue!!!
Time:9:29 am.
this friday was soooo insane!...me,katy,johnny,and monte were all hanging out at my house playing grand theft auto vice city and smoking out the green machine when charisma comes running in my house saying "help help my house is one fire"...and we all sit there lookin at her baffled and stoned...then all of a sudden i think

fire + charisma's house = no house for trrina

so we run and scramble to help her and her whole fuckin kitchen is in flames...stupid ass ANGEL gets a fucking quilt blanket to try and put out the fire.....ok listen...A FUCKING BLANKET...the blanket burst into flames on him and i laughed...then i coughed on the smoke and casually walked out...super monte runs downstairs, breaks the glass with his elbow and gets a fire extinquisher. He runs upstairs all heroic and I swear he did the rocky dance...it was hilarious. He orders everyone out and all of a sudden we see a huge flame and i think "oh god...he's dead...now who's gonna put out that fuckin fire?" but alas he's alive and the fire is out. Go Monte!!!..

we posed with the fire ppl and cops...it was most comical..

Tuesday, June 1st, 2004

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Subject:The Aftermath
Time:10:16 am.
Mood: amused.
this weekend was the fuckin greatest.I don't want to go into much detail right now so here it goes.

1 night at the Super 8 $100
4 cases of tecate $44
1 case of corona $12
1 bottle of vodka $10
1 bottle of jack daniels $35
1 permanant marker $2
2 bottles of whip cream $4
10 packs of cigarettes $50
1 bible $20
1 bent lamp $20
1 broken window $60
1 night worth of damages $80
the look on Kellen's face when he saw the hotel room...


there are some things money can't buy, for everything else, there's mastercard [accepted everywhere but t.j]

Thursday, May 27th, 2004

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Subject:love is evol spelled backwards
Time:9:27 am.
for the past couple of days me, katy and johnny have been hanging out at veterans with our new white bitch Chris. He's cool, just stupid. We always end up in horrible amounts of pain and laughing at eachother's misfortune, and getting high or something. Yesterday was no exception. Johnny peaced out and went home and the rest of us went to the liquor store to buy beer. So we ask some hobo and he gives us his whole fuckin life story and then finally hobbles his mangy ass inside to get our shit. I have nothing against hobos, some are actually really cool, just this one got on my nerves. Anywho, We go to giant pizza king slightly tipsy and play these stupid touching games with eachother.Despite the fact that it's highly elementary we do it anyway.Chris decides we should all go to his house and off we go...we sit in his room, smoke a bowl and watch the LAMEST porn we've ever seen. hahahaha i guess we had a porno review but it was so stupid we didn't bother to make intellegent remarks about it...i guess that's what u get for finding a porno behind a 7-11...

The moral of the story... chris got a big ass for a white guy

Tuesday, May 25th, 2004

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Subject:Stoned Cats Fart
Time:12:44 pm.
friday was our hotel party. I thought everything wasn't gonna be ready in time but guess what? it fuckin was. We had more then enough for everyone. It was a lot better then we expected to it. We moved the beds out the way and sat on the carpet like hippies with our pillows, blankets and large quantities of drugs and alcohol. I met some kidd named chris who goes to the same learning center session i do. Our plan was to stay up and have a porn review but it didn't happen. We ended up passing out and i guess there were tons of ppl waiting to get in but since we passed out sleeping access was denied! Saturday I woke up at about 5:20 in the morning. I was well rested and thought that I was gonna be fine but alas! i felt like shit. We stumbled down the stairs in a zombie like daze and loaded up on danishes and other random cheap motel breakfast items. It seems as though our eyes were bigger then our stomachs because we didn't eat a bite. We took showers, attempted to clean up and i said my good-byes to my friends. Soo...i put the beds back, scraped the bible pages off the wall and had my last cigarette which tasted strikingly like smirnoff vodka...I go home waiting to get killed by my mother and to my suprise she greets me happily and asks why i'm home so soon?? weird??...yes, grounded...no. So i gather myself and try to walk as sober as i can to my room where my cat happily greets me and we both lay down for a nap...Saturday I spent the day with charisma, and sir fatness johnny, and whiteness katy. Sunday we end up buying two bottles of bacardi gold, and walk to erica's house drunk for a bonfire. We weren't so much drunk as just plain stupid. The whole time we tackle eachother and laugh. Chris asked me to punch him in the nose so i do...about 10 times. Then he tells me to give him a kiss on a cheek and i discover that he tastes like salt. Not just salt...more of a saltine kracker to be presice. It was fuckin hilarious. David and I babbled but most of it was just me and mackel making fun of my mom and angel. It was a wonderful night, and last night me and mackel listened to one the best cds ever as we took a mutual trip down memory lane. Reminising about the good ol days that we need to get back and the hotel party that's coming up again. My cat was high and he farted while me and mackel we're holding him...my god....cat farts are fucking disgusting...


Friday, May 21st, 2004

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Subject:Damn that Rhonda...
Time:8:34 am.
Mood: stupid rs program.
Yesterday I went to go get the hotel room so I had to catch the bus. While on the bus I saw monte, we went to the beach, I peaced out and left. When i got back i got a suprise from Rhonda,Crystal and Sabrina or whatever the fuck. They scared my cat and we watched the devil box and made racist comments and observations...like how they had a bunch of black ppl doing a kool-aid commerical with hip hop music in the background...like all black ppl ever drink is fuckin kool-aid. Some bullshit. Then we took a trip down memory lane and looked at hella old pictures of us from when we used to live in the apartments. Then we talked about random shit...altho me and rhonda don't go to the same skool we still have mutual friends that go to mar vista. It's funny cause I guess certain ppl talk to her about me and act as if they know my whole life story like we're fuckin friends or whatever, but the same ppl who talk to her about me don't even talk to me at skool...i don't even get so much as a "hey how's it going?" from these ppl but according to them we're talk everyday and shit. I hate it when ppl who don't know me or bother to know me talk and fuckin talk. Keep yr mouth shut. There's no reason for my name to be in yr mouth if we're not friends so...shut the fuck up. Simple as that.

So for all the kidds who treat me and my friends like we're complete fuckin losers and won't even bother to say hi cause they think they're waaaay too cool... FUCK YOU

Wednesday, May 19th, 2004

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Subject:The get what they want, and they never want it again
Time:11:56 am.
Mood: rawr[!!!].
Do you sometimes wish for something to happen and when it finally does you freak out cause it's too much too fast??? Or worse...you realize you can't handle it?



i have that feeling...

make it go away

Tuesday, May 18th, 2004

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Subject:I am Deceptacon
Time:8:20 am.
Who took the bomp?
Every day and night
Every day and night
I can see your disco disco dick is sucking my heart out of my mind
I'm outta time
I'm outta fucking time
I'm a gasoline gut with a vasoline mind
Wanna disco?
Wanna see me disco?
Let me hear you depoliticize my rhyme
You got what you been asking for
You're so policy free
and fantasy wheels
and everything you think
and everything you feel is
I take you home now watch me get you hot.
You're just a parrot
when you're screaming and you're shouting
"More crackers please!. More crackers please!"
You want what you want
but you don't wanna be on your knees
Who does your, who does your hair?
Who took the Bomp from the Bompalompalomp?
Who took the Ram from the Ramalamading dong?
Who took the Bomp from the Bompalompalomp?
Who took the Ram from the Ramalamading dong?
How are you?
Fine, Thank you
How are you?
Fine, Thank you.
You bought a new van
the first year of your band
You're cool and
I hardly wanna say
"not" because I'm so bored
that'd I'd be entertained even by a
stupid floor
a linoleum floor, linoleum floor,
Your lyrics are dumb like a
linoleum floor
I'll walk on it
I'll walk all over you
Walk on it, walk on it
walking one
Who took the Bomp from the Bompalompalomp?
Who took the Ram from the Ramalamading dong?
Who took the Bomp from the Bompalompalomp?
Who took the Ram from the Ramalamading dong?
See you later.
See you later.
See you later.
See you later.

(Raise Your Fist)

Subject:The super joint ritual
Time:7:54 am.
Mood: want a cigarette.
Yesterday was fuckin awwwwesome. Me and katy went to keilea's house and got baked[!!!] it was hilarious. Katy couldn't find her kudo's bar i gave her but she had it in her pocket the whole time...how sad. Then we rolled a MASSIVE joint and decided to save it for everyone to share. Went to skool, got the kidds, and rode off in erica's doom buggy.Before we went to erica's we got a 10 from keilea. Then we went to erica's and everyone had weed! so we smoked the giant joint which turned into a giant weird cat shit looking roach, and then we smoked bong loads and smoked out of johnny's new pipe. Lyndon was the life of the party by far. He always ends up puking or getting way too fucked up. He took 2 Oxycotin..2!!! taking 2 is a fucking sin, but he didn't know that. We thought he was gonna die so we started saying all this fucked up shit "damn lyndon, my friend O.Ded and he only have one and a half". I got kinda worried but i knew lyndon could hang. His lips turned blue and his face went pale. His tounge was all nasty looking.He puked about 4 different times so johnny didn't let him hit is pipe. There's no way to describe how fucked up he looked so i'll leave it to yr imaginations. Luckily erica took us all back to skool at 2:35 and we didn't have to walk high as hell...great fuckin day.

Adam..go to skooL!!!

Monday, May 17th, 2004

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Subject:hot cup of absinth tea to rid you of yr worries..
Time:9:17 am.
Mood: only a little high.
me and mackel made absinthe tea..witch is really just hot water, sugar and absinth...and it tastes delicious..then we got ready with the quickness. It's amazing how u can transform from hobo to glam in a matter of minutes...hmm what else did I do?? On friday katy and johnny and charisma and tom came over we got high and drank melon ball boone's! mmm. but katy didn't even put a dent in hers cause she drank too much fuckin water before drinking booze..I saw mattT!!! mattT's the shit..i gotta hang out with him soon. ohh yeah on saturday Randell came over ;-). I thought he was some random hooligan coming to rob me [he's been very cautious of going out places] he was sneaking around all weird, but he gave katy her 10 so i wasn't complaining...got very very stoned, put on my blacklight and pink floyd [the good ol days]. Charisma and Tom came over for a little while and then we went over to charisma's house and watched Bruce all Mighty and johnny tried to steal her feather duster but no such luck. Sunday I hung out with charisma and watched the devil box and got really really high, then i went home and got stoned again..[does anyone notice a pattern?] played with doh-doh, cleaned my room, and went to bed. Good weekend..i'm looking forward to this weekend even more tho..

found my cdplayer and my Le Tigre cd...i'm a happy camper

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